Explore the unknown with Kannabiz Monkeez! These travelers of time and space from NGC 2174 (also known as Monkee Head Nebula) are interstellar prophets of cannabis. The Kannabiz Monkeez are the creators of the fastest-growing, highest grade, unrefined cannabis company on planet Earth. They were hand picked by the Supreme Leader of the Monkee-Verse to deliver the secrets of mind expansion and unlimited creativity to the Milky Way Galaxy. Their mission is to turn your dreams into reality with cannabis and NFTZ! So get ready for take-off and prepare yourself to be immersed into their top-secret, super classified, intergalactic plan. Join the Kannabiz Monkeez family and fulfill your destiny with Kannabiz Monkeez NFTZ!


KANNABIZ MONKEEZ is dropping our genesis NFTZ on 4/20/22! We will be offering 10,420 Kannabiz Monkeez in our first collection that offer amazing utility including a 10% lifetime discount on our Cannabis products in the state of Oklahoma where we are licensed by the state as official growers. The lifetime discount is valid for initial purchasers even if they sell the NFT at a later date! ALSO! ONE TIME PURCHASE OF A FULL OUNCE OF KANNABIZ MONKEEZ SUPREME CANNABIS FLOWER FOR $4.20 (Must be in the state of Oklahoma with a legal medical marijuana card. Available to Initial Purchaser ONLY.) Other utilities include hoodies, T-Shirts, Kannabiz Monkeez collectors NFT graphic coffee mugs, other physical merchandise, and admission to real world events and virtual experiences. This is just the beginning of our roadmap!

Initial Roadmap-Utility Program:

Kannabiz Monkeez is proud to be the first Marijuana grow company to offer NFTZ with a lifetime discount on all Kannabiz Monkeez products even after you sell your NFT (for original purchasers only). Kannabiz Monkeez will offer a 10% discount on all Kannabiz Monkeez flower and other products in the state of Oklahoma to start with more states to follow. All non-cannabis Kannabiz Monkeez products such as apparel and merch will be offered in every state and around the world at a lifetime of 10% off for original purchasers only! Stay tuned. Many awesome details will be announced super soon!

Additionally, Kannabiz Monkeez will be unveiling a detailed roadmap for our genesis NFT project between now and our 4-20 drop date. Our 12-month plan and beyond will be focused on delivering real-world utility to our customers including physical goods and merchandise, real-world events and concerts, virtual events, metaverse experiences, future airdrops, and more. Join our White List and guarantee your spot to mint your very own Kannabiz Monkeez NFT, become part of our family, and join us as we begin this journey into the amazing universe of Kannabiz Monkeez!

12 months of KANNABIZ MONKEEZ Tesla Give-Away!

#FIRST: 1 Tesla per month for 12 months random raffle give-away! (After collection sellout.)

#SECOND: Specs: Model 3, Long Range All-Wheel Drive, 20″ Wheels, Full Self Driving, Exterior Paint, and Interior Color is chosen at the time of winning! (All specs subject to availability.)



*Contest Details and Rules To Be Announced Soon!