Part #1 “The Story”

Some time ago (28 million years to be sorta exact), there was a glitch in nature’s course. A rogue comet sent a traveling spaceship of 10,420 Kannabiz Monkeez into unmarked territory: Planet Earth! The Alien Space Monkeez named Kannabiz Monkeez (for their love of space trees) were now stranded in this strange new world with the most excellent cannabis growing conditions, so what did they do? They did exactly what they were sent to space to do, GROW WEED! As luck would have it, the Kannabiz Monkeez landed on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau, where conditions were most copious for the perfect grow. With scientifically verified evidence of ritual cannabis smoking, we now know the Kannabiz Monkeez grew large amounts of cannabis plants that were burned in wooden braziers around 500 BC in the eastern Pamirs region. And guess what? Everyone got totally stoned! Awesome! The Kannabiz Monkeez started a lifestyle revolution!





Part #2 “Fast forward to present day”

Today the Kannabiz Monkeez revolution is alive and well! Over 200 million humans on planet earth consume the Kannabiz Monkeez incredible gift. “Thanks, Monkeez!” Now the humans are LOVING the NFT craze, and so are we! Kannabiz Monkeez NFTZ have arrived and are completely backed and supported by our Kannabiz Monkeez Apparel, Kannabiz Monkeez Entertainment, Kannabiz Monkeez Digital, and our Kannabiz Monkeez Farmz! A living, breathing, growing universe merging with the meta-verse to create the ultimate in user experience: the MONKEE-VERSE! “Climb higher!” With Kannabiz Monkeez flower-powered NFTZ!” Kannabiz Monkeez NFTZ pack a real Monkee Punch with Utility ALL DAY LONG! Apparel, accessories, trips & travel, VIP access, DISCOUNTS on ALL Kannabiz Monkeez products, and FIRST for all Kannabiz Monkeez events and future drops! Yeah yeah, and all the weed and gummy bears your little heart could ever desire! Kannabiz Monkeez NFTZ will be YOUR new cryptocurrency! Stay tuned for Monkee Moneey and the Kannabiz Monkeez new dot com. Shop for anything and everything, marijuana, ONLY accepting: Monkee Moneey and Kannabiz Monkeez NFTZ! BOOOOOOM!




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