Initial Roadmap-Utility Program:

Kannabiz Monkeez is proud to be the first Marijuana grow company to offer a cannabis NFT project with a lifetime discount on all Kannabiz Monkeez products even after you sell your NFT (for original purchasers only). Kannabiz Monkeez will offer a 10% discount on all Kannabiz Monkeez cannabis products in the state of Oklahoma to start with more states to follow. All non-cannabis Kannabiz Monkeez products such as apparel and merch will be offered in every state and around the world at a lifetime of 10% off for original purchasers only! Stay tuned. Many awesome details will be announced super soon!

Additionally, Kannabiz Monkeez has a detailed roadmap for our new NFT project. We are focused on delivering real-world utility to our customers including physical goods and merchandise, real-world events and concerts, virtual events, metaverse experiences, future airdrops, and more. Mint your very own Kannabiz Monkeez NFT, become part of our family, and join us as we begin this journey into the amazing universe of Kannabiz Monkeez!


Available to Current NFT Holder and Initial Purchaser. (Initial Purchaser Continues to receive this discount even after selling.)