Kannabiz Monkeez traveling the Universe!

An incredible “Climb Higher” drop of all drop’s experience is launching on 4/20. L@@K!
Kannabiz Monkeez NFTZ is your first NFT venture into the cannabis infinity cosmos and beyond!

Kannabiz Monkeez is a collection of randomly attributing layer-generated NFTZ on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Round one of the collection consists of 10,420 computer-software-controlled, randomly configured Monkeez, from over “TRILLIONS” of total options. NOT KIDDING! TRILLIONS FOR REAL! Kannabiz Monkeez have an incredible array of t-shirts, necks, hats, hairstyles, glasses, faces, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, beards, AND MORE! It WILL be the most unique and rarest collection on planet Earth (and the emission nebula NGC 2174)! Our Kannabiz Monkeez NFT collection will also contain 7,500 awesome, rad, sick, and ridiculous background possibilities with virtually endless colors, graphics, and designs! Kannabiz Monkeez LUVS UUU! Kannabiz Monkeez RULZ!

BONUS INFO: Every Kannabiz Monkeez NFT is created from a set of 1500+ amazingly awesome unique digitally-hand-drawn “MONKEE-TUDES” (attitudes) morphed into countless KANNABIZ MONKEEZ KREATIONZ!

Kannabiz Monkeez is a legally certified producer of medical Cannabis in the state of Oklahoma. Founded by PAULIEWOOD aka PAULIEWeeD and MATTY-B on 4/20/20, Kannabiz Monkeez is a lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting the needs of medical marijuana users who use our products to maintain a better quality of life. We are also focused on empowering and celebrating creators, artists, musicians, and athletes who promote and advocate for cannabis. Kannabiz Monkeez will be launching new product lines in Oklahoma in April 2022, as well as our genesis NFT Drop, featuring real-world utilities including lifetime discounts on our medical cannabis flower products. Please follow us on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date on all of our upcoming events and announcements.




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